Thursday, 2 December 2010

suffering in school, collage, university, secondary school ect

Having trouble in school or were ever you studying or neighbourhood need some help let me give some advise yeah. well if you're in need of some help because your being bullied threatened confused in class or any other issue's i would advise you to get some help and this goes out to both sex. How do i get help and were? are those the questions you are thinking well i can help you out well first of all you can talk to your parents or carer's or who ever looks after you and explain your issue's, OR you can talk to some one you trust in school OR join a local club and express how you feel and what's been happening and then you can find a way to solve it because you might think your the only one with this issue but i just want to let you know that your not alone and there help provided for you when you need it ok. There are many people around the world that suffer from what you suffer but some of them don't have people to help them solve there problems but you might have so just be proud and happy of what you have and don't listen to what people say might be jelouse of you or there bored but they don't relise that they have amazing thing but if you notice the things you have in life then you won't need to worry if you are struggerling or being bullied.

how hard relationships are!!

Well relation ships are hard not every one with a relation ship hasn't had any problems. But that's all part of growing up we make mistakes but we also learn from it. love can be hard but if we don't give it a chance then we'll never experience the feeling of love. but girls be careful with the guys you choose and guys be careful with the girls you choose. And to both sex treat each other with respect and be truthful and honest and for-filling and loving.